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Better English

Our Missions

  • Create an enjoyable Learning Atmosphere.

  • Cater for Learning Differences.

  • Develop Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills.

  • Develop a Good Reading Habit.

  • Encourage Communication in English.

  • Enhance Self-Learning Skills.

  • Strengthen Teachers' Professional Development.

Staff Development

Our teachers keep on improving themselves to enhance their teaching strategies and subject knowledge.
  • Co-operative teaching (協作教學)
    During co-planning meetings, teachers plan the lessons with various activities such as high-order-thinking skills and cater for learning differences.

  • Teachers’ Workshop (教師工作坊)
    During various teachers’ workshops, experts share their precious experiences and knowledge with our teachers.

  • Advisory Teachers(顧問教師)
    Advisory Teachers from EDB and Universities give us precious advices to improve our planning and teaching.

Catering for learning Differences

All students are individuals with specific learning needs. Our teachers help them learn better with a variety of teaching methods and strategies.
  • P.3 and P.6 learning groups(同級分組)
    The students are divided into groups. Teachers can have a better chance to take care of each student since the class size is smaller.

  • Graded Homework (分程度工作紙)
    Some of the exercises are graded and are given to students of different learning abilities.

  • Co-operative Learning (合作學習)
    Students with different learning abilities work together to complete different learning tasks.

English Day

English Day is held on Wednesdays. Students are encouraged to speak in English with teachers and schoolmates. The students do different kinds of English activities.
  • Festival Celebrations(節日慶祝)
    e.g. Christmas, Easter

  • Morning Assembly(早會)
    --Students say the prayers in English and sing English hymns.
    --Announcements are made by the teachers in English.

  • English Speaking Day(說英語日)
    --Students are encouraged to talk to their teachers and schoolmates in English.
    --Students play different English games during recesses.

  • Talent Show(才藝表演)
    e.g. Poem Demonstration, Sing-a-long, Story Telling, Drama

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are an important part of the educational experience of students.
  • Games Group (遊戲天地)

  • Be a Smart Chef (英語小廚師)

  • English Choral Speaking Team (英詩集誦)

  • English Explorers (英語小先鋒)

  • Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) tests(劍橋英語)
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Reading Scheme

Buddy Reading (英語伴讀計劃)
It is done for P.1 and P.2 students. Big buddies from P.4 , P.5 and P.6 choose some suitable books for P.1 and P.2 students. The big buddies read the books for the small buddies and the small buddies are expected to improve their reading skills.

Be a Smart Reader (精靈小讀者)
The NET teacher teaches the children the reading skills through interactive and interesting games.

High-order Thinking Skills (高思維技巧訓練)
The students are asked to read different text-types and do some creative activities, e.g. create another story ending, answer open-ended questions.

PNET (外籍英語教師計畫)

Role of the PNET (我們的外籍英語教師)
The “PNET” is deployed at our school for the purposes of enriching both the English language program and the teaching strategies within it.

Speaking Program (精靈演說家)
The PNET is also active in co-teaching P3/ P5/ P6 students, developing speaking skills with supplementary oral activities in the class. This helps consolidate previously learned language and integrates it into a more natural English environment for the students.

Phonics Program (拼音我至叻)
The systematic phonics program is now introduced at the P1 level. It equips students with the skills necessary to read initial English words, helping them to go ahead confidently with their English language learning.

Reading Corner (閱讀角)
The PNET reads with children in the cozy reading space. This helps students develop a good reading habit.

Our English Campus

English Day English Day is held on Wednesdays. Students are encouraged to speak in English with their teachers and schoolmates. The students can play a variety of English games.
English Games Group Lower primary students can learn more English through different games and activities in the games group.
Paid Net Scheme Students have more chance to meet the Net teachers inside and outside the classroom through this scheme.
Festival Celebrations Different games are designed for students to play at different festivals.
Communication Workshop The NET teacher and the English teachers hold some workshops for upper primary students to improve their communication skills.
Study Groups English teachers have some extra lessons with the less able students in order to help them improve their English.
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